Laboratory shaker type 358A

4 II 2010

The laboratory shaker type 358 A is a device designed for chemical, biochemical, microbiological etc. laboratories. The elliptic movement of the shaker increases the mixing intensity. Amplitude and the vibration frequency of the table are regulated steplessly and can be changed during the device's running what significantly makes the findings of mixing conditions easier. The shaker is equipped with microprocessor driver that enables continuous running, running with timer and programming. Settings: speed and time are introduced through keyboard. Parameters and working condition are displayed on the ciekłokrystalicznym display.

Technical data

Range of amplitude
Ratio of ellipse axes
Range of frequency control
Range of setting time
The amount of programmes
Programme shutup sound signalling
Shaker table load
Power consumption

1÷25 mm (the longer axis of ellipse)
50÷350 cycle/min. (c.p.m.)
1 min÷99 h 59 min

max 4 kg
230V 50Hz
430 x 395 x 215 mm
19 kg

Standard equipment

Table with holders for 0,25 l. Erlenmeyer vessels

Additional equipment

- Tables with holders for 0,1 l; 0,5 l; 1 l. Erlenmeyer vessels
- Table for flasks
- Universal table
- Table made according to the requirements of the customers

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Service Offer

3 II 2010

We run service of devices made by our company and those produced by The Company of electronic apparatus "Elpan" in Lubawa including:

  • Potentiostats (EP-20, EP-20A, EP-21, EP-22)
  • Dezintegratory (UD-11, UD-20)
  • Generator (EG-20)
  • Logarithmic amplifier (5D)

We give guarantee for our services

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The company "Elpin-Plus" s.c. which has been working from 1995 is a successor of the prior 25-years experiences of The Company of electronic apparatus "Elpan" of the Polish Academy of Science. The subject of the operation is laboratory device as well as its service, modernization and damage survey.