3 II 2010

Zakład Elektroniczny "ELPIN PLUS" s.c.
ul. Dworcowa 24b
14-260 LUBAWA
woj. warmińsko - mazurskie
tel./fax 089 6452311
Regon: 510364144     NIP 744-10-04-261

Service Offer

3 II 2010

We run service of devices made by our company and those produced by The Company of electronic apparatus "Elpan" in Lubawa including:

  • Potentiostats (EP-20, EP-20A, EP-21, EP-22)
  • Dezintegratory (UD-11, UD-20)
  • Generator (EG-20)
  • Logarithmic amplifier (5D)

We give guarantee for our services

About firm...

The company "Elpin-Plus" s.c. which has been working from 1995 is a successor of the prior 25-years experiences of The Company of electronic apparatus "Elpan" of the Polish Academy of Science. The subject of the operation is laboratory device as well as its service, modernization and damage survey.